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How to Have a Post-Gardening Pamper

Celtic Herbal Gardeners Range


We’ve dug through the Celtic Herbal ingredient cupboards to create a brand-new range of natural artisan products for the green-fingered gardener in you. Formulated with careful precision and expert blends, the range includes handmade, natural treats to nourish and pamper after a day in the garden.

We’ve chosen ingredients for their efficacy and functionality, that could also be plucked straight from the garden or pantry at home.



Clean away the built-up dirt on extra mucky hands using our gentle, natural soap. We’ve added shellblast and fennel seeds for natural exfoliation, leaving hands thoroughly cleansed. Coconut, olive and sweet almond oils hydrate and condition the skin, whilst the sustainably sourced beeswax gives lasting softness.

Tip: Pre-gardening run your nails along a solid bar of soap to stop mud building up whilst you garden. The soap will act as a physical barrier keeping them free of dirt!


Nourish your hands with a natural GARDENERS HAND SALVE

Once cleansed, massage in natural hand salve to help restore any moisture lost whilst gardening. Our Gardeners Hand Salve is perfectly pocket-sized and packed with sea buckthorn, rosemary & black pepper for on the go relief and repair of hard working hands.

Tip: Apply an oil based hand moisturiser (like our GARDENERS HAND SALVE) before gardening to help protect the pores in your skin from collecting dirt.


Soothe sore muscles with GARDENERS MUSCLE OIL

Working in the garden can leave your muscles and joints feeling achy and sore. Don’t just wait for it to fade away - use a natural muscle oil to soothe the aches and pains away. Our Gardeners Muscle Oil is formulated with rosemary, black pepper and marjoram for deep relief that keeps you connected to the scent of the garden. Not only does it help relieve aches, the sweet almond & coconut oils also help soften and nourish your skin.

Tip: Feeling particularly achy? Before applying, take a warm bath with natural magnesium salts.



Relax in the garden and admire your handiwork... Light our sustainable soy wax candle blended with citronella, lemon & lime - a natural way to keep the bugs at bay. It’s perfect to light during summer evenings spent relaxing and entertaining in the garden.